Mid-century Hippopotamus Box - Attributed to Don S. Shoemaker

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Don S. Shoemaker hippo box circa 1960s-70s.

Weight: 6lbs 3oz

Dimensions: Approx 12.5" long x 9" tall x 7.5" wide

Although the piece does not have a label/mark, a prominent Shoemaker expert provided photo/email opinion that this is a genuine Shoemaker piece. An exceedingly rare piece, her website shows the only other example of a Shoemaker hippo box that we were able to find online.

Condition: Very good. Please examine photos closely and read photo notes for most accurate depiction of condition. Very sturdy box. Lid fits snug. A few mild scratches, which we've tried to capture in photos. See photo of under ear area where a small wood piece is dented in but not missing. (Note about photos: The actual wood has a lovely warm tone that may not be apparent in photos. The finish is natural with only a slight sheen, whereas the photos pick up more highlights/reflection making the wood appear glossy.)

Interested parties are welcome to email us with any questions about this piece or request additional specific photos.

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